Alternative Dispute Resolution


In the event of a dispute, the consumer can appeal to the Alternative Dispute Resolution entities identified on the consumer portal, on the website, or on Online Dispute Resolution identified on the website:


The existing alternative dispute resolution entities are the following:

celebrated in the municipalities of Faro E-mail: Web: ‚Äč


Right to Free Termination of the Contract


In compliance with the content of articles 10 and 11 of the legal regime applicable to contracts concluded at a distance and outside the commercial establishment, the customer may exercise his right to freely terminate the contract within 14 days from the day he/she acquires the physical possession of the ordered product or, if the order consists of several items that will be delivered on different days, from the day on which you acquire physical possession of the last of the delivered items. To exercise this right, you must send LikeWise Properties Consulting and Engineer, Ldª, before the end of the period indicated, an unambiguous declaration of termination of the contract. LikeWise Properties Consulting and Engineer, Ldª will fully refund the amount that the customer may have paid for shipping costs. A Customer Support employee from LikeWise Properties Consulting and Engineer, Ldª will contact the customer to confirm the right to a postage refund and to provide any further clarification on this topic.




If the customer wants to return one or more items, he / she may do so, beyond the 14 days stipulated by law after receiving the order, provided that the products are intact, sealed, complete and in the original packaging, which it cannot be damaged, altered or scratched, and is not out of date (or about to expire).


Right to Forgetfulness


The customer can request the right to forgetfulness to LikeWise Properties Consulting and Engineer, Ldª so that all their personal data is deleted. To do this, you should contact our team at LikeWise Properties Consulting and Engineer, Ldª so that all your personal data is deleted. Regarding the history of orders placed by the customer, if the customer wishes to request the right to be forgotten, they will not be deleted, only the customer's association with the orders in question will be removed. In these situations, orders will be presented as if they had been carried out anonymously.