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!!! Factory Price !!!

Time delivery of 15 workdays plus transportation time.


Perfect Shredder for Your Home and Your Office. EcoShred is the first step for circular economy.

Substitute your home trash can with a Shredder. 

Substitute your company trash can with a Shredder!!!

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Technical Specifications:

- 230 Volts

- 1555 Watts

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Thanks to the Pioneers:

Wilson Vasconcelos

Miguel Fernando Barbosa




Trash business is underestimated by the end consumer. Trash is not seen as a resource. The end consumer might become a part of the trash business since the end consumer itself is who generates trash and owns it.

This product is englobed in a thesis that defines a sustainable implementation procedure of how to augment the circular economy, citizen commodity and increased trash management efficiency. This thesis supports the vision that the entire society must have a change of heart about trash management.


Problem statement


Circular economy is a spread concept with an implementation efficiency lower than the current needs. Political economical social and technologic efforts are still being applied and innovated, to force the circular economy model to surpass the sequential economy. The reality shows that sequential economy is still winning because industry prefers virgin primary resources. Therefore, the circular economy is not sustainable as a business. A sustainable business must generate positive income, otherwise, the players cease to contribute. Besides generate positive income, it must be better than the competition.

This thesis demonstrates how can the end consumer, government and companies apply a win-win-win context. The solution is to make the industry prefer the recycled resource instead of the virgin resource.

A decision of writing a thesis about this work is that ideas and implementations need to be communicated, to allow Pioneers to contribute.



The idea of the circular economy is the never-ending transformation of the resources already used in the past. Its global importance is seen when we look at resources that only occupy space with no end sight. What to do with trash is the no-answer question that this thesis gives.

Our goals are to:

1. Provide a circular chain of procedures that solve what to do with the trash.

2. Point who are the players at each given procedure of the circular chain.

3. Transmit to the reader the concept “Transformable”, as the transformed trash.



The design of a circular economy into the reusability of trash must be contextualized. The context stages in the societies are:

1. Consumer generates the trash.

2. Industry looks for primary resources to transform and they do not prefer recycled resources.

3. The trash is collected by public services.

4. The trash is discarded or recycled.

The mentioned stages tell us that the industry must prefer recycled resources and for that to happen, the trash concept must be substituted by the “Transformable” concept, which is only achievable by increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of the services related to trash separation and recycling.

Stage 1 solution - Consumers shreds the trash.

End products come with no-consumption parts. They are a necessary overhead for storage, conservation and other eventual protection reasons. After usage, the overhead is thrown into the garbage. The main difficulty of this stage is knowing what to do with the garbage.

Even if we separate the garbage, we know that it is not made of only one material. Even if the garbage is of one type, such as plastic, there are several types of plastic. Given this, public recycling services are costly and its separation efficiency not enough. Further, even if they are well separated, the industry still prefers virgin primary material, given its clear lower cost and higher quality.



The high cost and low efficiency in trash separation disinterest the industry for the recycled resource.


Distributed shredding is the first road to take, to emerge the industry interest for recycled resources as primary manufacturing resources.


1. Distributed effort, because it distributes the effort to every single end consumer.

2. Profitable to the end consumer: the shredded garbage, such as metals or plastics might be sold to local industries. The end consumer wishes to get rid of and the industry needs it back.

3. Environment friendly: Shred is a non-invasive physical procedure. Also, shredded garbage is easily separated by non-invasive procedures.

4. Cost achievable, more if your local government supports green politics.

5. Increases home and office garbage management and commodity. For example, 3 bottles of 1-liter full a bag. With the shred, not even 30 will do it.



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