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Elevating Product Understanding with Engaging Demonstrations

Web Summit 2023 Lisbon

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SmarTogether kit - Mirror demonstration

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SmarTogether kit - Stone demonstration

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SmarTogether kit - Metal demonstration

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SmarTogether kit - Mosaic demonstration

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SmarTogether kit - Wood demonstration

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SmarTogether kit - Corian demonstration

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SmarTogether kit - German online magazine article.

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Unlocking your Potential of Crafting SmarT Devices

A Comprehensive Guide to SmartTogether Kit Modules and Bundles

SmartTogether Kit - Transforming Raw Materials into a fully functional IoT device.

SmartTogether Kit emerges as a groundbreaking product, revolutionizing the way we interact with raw materials. This ingenious kit empowers individuals to transform raw materials into advanced proximity sensors, unlocking a realm of possibilities for creative minds and tech enthusiasts.

Uniquenesses - Proximity Sensor technology that spread through the raw material. Its design eases acessibility of a smart device to everyone.

SmartTogether sensor is based in the not so much heard realm of Surface Engineering, leveraging cutting-edge Micro/Nano technology concepts and state-of-the-art to deliver a proximity sensor.

Why is a kit?

Add the other modules to the SmarTogether Sensor to Boast up to 6 additional functionalities:

Notifies with both text messages and images.

Manages lighting, camera and various other connected devices.

SmarTogether kit has quite a few configurations. Please check the below information to know more:

Although the illustrations below depict numerous components, it's important to note that our exclusive offering are the SmarTogether kit modules, which is the only product available for purchase.

The SmarTogether kit modules are exclusively available as standalone units and are not accompanied by any additional components for sale.

The cables, power supplies, cellphones, LED strips, and any other components featured in the illustrations are solely for representational purposes and are not included in the actual products.

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Installation Processes

The Art of Effortless Crafting Raw materials into SmarT Devices.

SmarTogether Sensor


It's a breeze to install. Quick and effortless.


STEP 1: Join SmarTogether Sensor to the chosen material.


STEP 2: After joining, use glue and seal around the circle, NOT on the plane.


STEP 3: Connect the power cable from the 12/24 V DC power supply, like shown in the figure below.


STEP 4: Use your phone/tablet/computer to connect to the SmarTogether Sensor via WiFi.

Use the default password 11111111.

Calibrate the sensor.

Change the default password.



Advice: for greater aesthetic appeal, use transparent glue and seal.

Advice: if the LED strip has more than one colour, use DC 4 colour controller.

Advice: if the LED strip is 24 V DC, use a power supply of 24 V DC. If the LED strip is 12 V DC, use a power supply of 12 V DC.

Advice: If you want to control a 230 Vac device, use the DC controller on a DC controlled relay.

If the DC relay is controlled with 12 V DC, use a power supply of 12 V DC.

If the DC relay is controlled with 24 V DC, use a power supply of 24 V DC.


The other SmarTogether modules?

Please check the connections mentioned below:

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